Write for the Movement

What is the Movement?

The people and groups advancing free enterprise and conservative values.

What is The Resolute Voice?

A new publication for the Movement and cultural and political influencers outside the Movement.

What is our mission?

At the Resolute Voice, we write for the Movement.  Our content is driven by a simple question: What does the Movement need?

// Serve and be a voice for the Movement

// Shape the way our Movement talks about issues

// Cast vision for lasting cultural and policy change

What issues do we cover?

Life, religious freedom, gender identity, marriage, family, faith in society and government, free enterprise and meaningful work.

How are we different?

We intend to see free enterprise and conservative values flourish and gain cultural traction. We do that through partnering with the people and groups doing the hard work of driving our Movement. They are our primary audience. We are here to serve them and expand their influence. Whether we are interpreting history, current events, policy battles, or data, we approach it in a way that will meet the needs of our Movement. We are unwilling to simply add to the noise, so our content will always add something new and needed to the conversation. We reject the culture of contempt while also rejecting the false choice that we must water down or abandon our beliefs to get along. We believe in artful conversation with room for hearty disagreement. We create messages that will be used by the Movement to persuade people of our ideas and achieve lasting victories. Our content is thoughtful conversation made actionable.

Core Beliefs

These five beliefs are central to our identity and mission. We are seeking writers who enthusiastically share these values.

//The dignity and worth of every human: Human life has value and is worthy of protection from conception to natural death.

// The value of marriage to people, families and communities: Marriage as historically defined between one man and one woman is necessary to form healthy families and thriving communities.

// The value of faith to society: Society benefits when people have faith in God, adhere to objective truth derived from their faith, and live out their faith for the good of their community.

// The freedom of all people to believe and speak in every sphere of society: Individuals must be free to believe or not believe and to peacefully speak and act in accordance with that belief in their homes, places of worship, associations, public places, and the marketplace.

// The equal opportunity to achieve success: Because of the inherent and equal value of every human, society and government must create equality of opportunity for earned success through meaningful work.

What is the compensation?

Writers are paid by piece, starting at $35/per article.

What can I expect as a writer for the movement?

Our writers will have regular opportunities to create original content on a variety of topics and submit their own pitches for content. We will share guidance and resources on messaging for various issues, empowering our writers to be the best in communicating on difficult and often contentious topics. We are building a community of conservative writers who share the same mission and we want them to know and form relationships with each other! We plan to provide networking opportunities (currently in Phoenix only) including events, discussion groups, and occasional speakers to keep writers connected and informed.

To apply:

1. Complete the application below

2. Submit a writing sample: Choose something you find interesting within our key issues and plays to your strengths as a writer. 700 word limit. Please attach your submissions as a word document and email to voice@theresolute.group using this template for the subject line: WritingSample_LastName.