Reclaiming the Narrative: The Pro-life Movement & Hope

By Ryan Everson

Scientific advancements have increasingly continued to affirm the humanity of pre-born children. People are learning about the humanity of pre-born children and becoming more supportive of the pro-life position in this regard. If we can also persuade the culture that we are the Movement that effectively cares for pregnant women in crisis, we can completely control the abortion debate and save more lives than ever before.

The abortion lobby has cleverly framed the abortion debate to put pro-lifers on defense. As they portray the debate, pro-choicers are the group that cares about women, and pro-lifers are the group that cares about pre-born children.

The abortion lobby does not properly care for women, and the pro-life movement cares for both women and their pre-born children.

Why is this clever? Because everyone can sympathize with women. Half of the population is women, and we all have intimate relationships with our wives, mothers, daughters, etc. Sympathizing with undeveloped and unborn children that we may or may not believe to be completely human is a much further stretch for most people. Additionally, women have the power to vote — pre-born children do not.

While the abortion lobby’s rhetoric is persuasive to many, those active in the pro-life movement know this perspective is completely false. The abortion lobby does not properly care for women, and the pro-life movement cares for both women and their pre-born children. However, pro-lifers aren’t always the best at challenging this false perspective, and if we want to advance our ideas, we really need to be.

The pro-choice movement’s lack of concern for legitimate women’s healthcare is evident. According to Planned Parenthood’s annual reports, the abortion giant’s legitimate healthcare services, such as prenatal care and adoption referrals, have continued to decline. Meanwhile, abortions have continued to increase. As the new pro-life movie Unplanned demonstrated, Planned Parenthood cares about turning a profit more than it cares about giving women what is truly best for them.

The scientific advancements of recent decades have strongly affirmed the pro-life position. We now know that a pre-born child’s heartbeat can be detected at approximately six weeks gestation age, and that pain capability begins at approximately 20 weeks gestation age. 3D ultrasound technology allows us to see the humanity of pre-born children better than ever before.

In our fight to defend the unborn, it is crucial that all pro-life advocates become familiar with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and local pregnancy help centers. These are women’s healthcare clinics that do not perform abortions. FQHCs are dedicated to providing legitimate and quality care to women in crisis pregnancies, and with the help of donors, they often provide these services for reduced costs. Additionally, these clinics vastly outnumber Planned Parenthood clinics, as well as other abortion clinics. According to The Charlotte Lozier Institute, FQHCs and rural area health clinics outnumber Planned Parenthood clinics 183 to 10 in the state of Arizona, and 13,540 to 665 nationally.

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As pro-life advocates, we need to provide support to FQHCs. Direct financial support is an excellent option for those who are able, but there are other outstanding ways to help as well. By volunteering at these clinics, you help reduce their expenses, allowing them use more money caring for pregnant women in need. You can also share information about these clinics on your social media pages to help spread the word and generate name recognition for them. You never know when a woman considering abortion might see that information, and your simple decision could save a life.

Pro-choicers frame the abortion debate as people who care about women vs. people who care about unborn babies. Pro-lifers must act to reframe this debate for what it should be: A movement that inadequately cares about women vs. a movement that sincerely cares about both the women and the unborn! If we successfully reframe the debate, cultural and political victories will follow. A pivot towards helping more women in need is precisely the strategic move the pro-life movement needs to put Planned Parenthood, the king of the abortion industry, into checkmate.


Find your local Pregnancy Help Center here: Care Net // Heartbeat International

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Ryan Everson is currently a pro-life policy intern for the Equal Rights Institute and a political journalism intern for the Washington Examiner. He is also an editor for Lone Conservative and a contributor to Live Action News, The College Fix, and The Catholic Sun.

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