Current Openings

Fall 2019 - Research Assistant Intern

Fall 2019 - Political Campaign Intern

Spring 2020 - Research Assistant Intern

Spring 2020 - Political Campaign Intern

At The Resolute Group, we aren’t just another group of politicos and communicators.  We’re a mission-driven team using our political intelligence and message know-how to advance free enterprise and conservative values.  We are looking for interns who share a commitment to those ideas and want to grow in knowledge and experience while contributing to something that matters.  If that’s you, read on!  If not, thanks for checking us out - we wish you all the best in your endeavors!

Our Character: How we conduct ourselves

  • Resolute: We are unwavering in our purpose

  • Humble: We let our work speak for itself

  • Eager: We are hungry for the fight

  • Deliberate: We act with thoughtful precision

  • Bold: We are unafraid

  • Honorable: We conduct ourselves with integrity

  • Persevering: We push on through setbacks

Our Culture: What life is like at our firm

  • Belonging: We are a family

  • Mutual Respect: We admire each other’s contributions

  • Humor: We laugh together

  • Kindness: We do the little things

  • Collaboration: We need each other

  • Open Floor: We refuse to be yes men (or women!)

  • United Purpose: We have the same mission

  • Defined Roles: We know our roles and own our responsibilities

Our Foundational Beliefs: The root of everything we believe in and work for

  • The dignity and worth of every human

  • The value of marriage to people, families and communities

  • The value of faith to society

  • The freedom of all people to believe and speak in every sphere of society

  • The equal opportunity to achieve success