We Are Resolute.

The Resolute Group was founded out of a commitment to free enterprise and conservative values and our growing conviction that we must lean into the battle and be strategic in advancing these values. With our background in politics, political data and survey research, and our growing immersion in free enterprise and conservative values policy issues, we felt uniquely positioned to enter this specific area of strategic issue advocacy. We intend to influence culture and government to respect human life, better families, promote opportunity for individuals, value faith and advance freedom. To accomplish this, we intentionally partner with people and organizations who are on the ground working on these issues and expand their influence so they can win more cultural, political and policy battles now and in the future.

Our Mission

To change public opinion and public policy through message and political consulting in order to advance free enterprise and conservative values.

Our Character

Resolute: We are unwavering in our purpose // Humble: We let our work speak for itself // Eager: We are hungry for the fight // Deliberate: We act with thoughtful precision // Bold: We are unafraid // Honorable: We conduct ourselves with integrity // Persevering: We push on through setbacks

Our Team


George Khalaf - Co-Founder

I’m George, devoted follower of Christ, loving father to two little boys and Co-Founder of the Resolute Group. We exist to serve and expand the influence of those individuals and organizations that advance free enterprise and conservative values. My upbringing was shaped by my Lebanese heritage and the struggle of my parents and family members during the Lebanese Civil war...

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This struggle led my parents to move our family to the United States when I was very young to start life over again. They knew this country had more to offer me and my sisters than any other place on earth. My parents made it clear that it was their Christian faith that led them here and away from the turmoil in their home country. This "faith in action" mentality is what has motived my career all these years and propelled me to co-found The Resolute Group. My background is in local, state and national politics, and more recently as President of Data Orbital, a survey research and data visualization firm. Through the Resolute Group, I’ve chosen to engage even more deeply in political and policy work so I can advance the causes that matter most. There is too much at stake to retreat, especially in these times. We must advance to ensure that our culture and laws respect human life, better families, value faith and advance freedom. The freedom to live and worship according to my faith has been a cause many generations of my family have sacrificed for and it is a cause I feel called to now more than ever.


Joanna Duka - Co-Founder

I’m Joanna, Co-Founder of The Resolute Group. We have a deep commitment to life, faith, the freedom to believe and act, and the equal opportunity to succeed. This firm was born out of our growing conviction that the people fighting to advance these causes need a resolute ally that will expand their influence with boldness, pragmatism, and dogged perseverance. We intend...

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to be that ally. My background is in marketing and non-profit work. I’ve loved politics since I eagerly followed my first presidential race at the age of seven. My faith drives everything. I’ve always been defined by a strong sense of justice and the conviction to act on what I believe. I also believe words change the world. I want our words to be the ones changing it. The process of taking big ideas and translating them into something people connect with is tangible and incredibly pragmatic. When our message is well crafted and effectively shared, we will change hearts and shift culture. A culture that increasingly respects human life, betters families, values faith and advances freedom will be a force that compels our leaders to take notice and act. Messaging is a natural offering of our work to expand the influence of our clients and it's an effort I’m honored to direct. When I’m not studying people and communicating ideas, I co-own an art studio, serve at my church, scroll Twitter, read, and soak up every raindrop and cloudy day I can get in sunny Phoenix!


Micah Vandenboom - Research Assistant

I’m Micah Vandenboom, Research Assistant for the Resolute Group! I am guided by my passion for making the world a better place within the realm of politics and ideas. Free enterprise and conservative values work because they are built on foundational principles that promote life and human flourishing. My work is driven...

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by the desire to advance these ideas so we can improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities. I believe this is accomplished by transforming the way we think and talk about important issues. There is so much power in the way ideas are framed and communicated. As partners expanding the influence of those advancing free enterprise and conservative values, I see the Resolute Group as a force for good. I’m passionate about lending my research and writing expertise to our efforts. I will be graduating with a degree in Political Science in May of 2019, but my involvement in politics and the issues began early. I have been a precinct committeewoman for three years and I've spent many hours down at the capitol monitoring important legislation. The political realm has always fascinated me and I have been engaged with causes and issues for as long as I can remember. I am a Phoenix native and when I’m not engaging with politics, I love performing in plays, singing, and doing DIY projects. I am on a constant search for knowledge and love reading books and watching documentaries.


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